Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How To Choose a Baby Formula

Breast milk is the most natural food for your baby, but if you can't breastfeed, or have chosen not to, then learning how to choose a baby formula is relatively simple.

You might try asking the pediatrician you have chosen to care for your baby, before the actual birth. See if they have a preference of brands or composition, since baby formula should be rich in protein, fats, sugars and sodium.

Most baby formula manufacturers try as hard as possible to mimic the mineral and other composition of natural breast milk. While that's not completely possible, forumulas have come a long way in the last few years, in meeting the nutritional needs of newborn and growing babies.

Once you choose a baby formula that is going to meet their food and calorie requirements, you'll need to decide what type of formula will work best for your lifestyle and your budget. Most formulas will come in powder, concentrate, or ready-to-serve.

Powder is the least expensive, but there is the extra work of having to mix it up prior to use. Concentrate is less cumbersome to mix, but does require that you add water. Ready to serve is there whenever you need it, but it is also the most expensive option.

If you would like to balance economy and convenience, try using the powdered form and mixing a small pitcher of it, to fill a small number of bottles. The stirring motions will help to disperse bubbles that may gather as you whip up one for a hasty feeding.

Just to make sure you're covered for emergencies, or when something happens that you don't have any powdered mixed, keep a couple of cans of either concentrate or ready to use on hand. That way, you can satisfy the baby as quickly as possible while eliminating some of the stress of trying to keep up with their appetite! Be sure to use these extra cans before their expiry dates.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Choosing the Best Baby Room and Baby Shower Decorations

The best opportunity to provide gifts to a baby is during the baby shower function. This function is held to permit others to see the baby and give their gifts to him or her.

On most occasions this ceremony is held a few months prior to the birth of the baby, but there are also occasions when it is performed after the baby is born. This provides an opportunity to the visitor, especially those who are coming from distant places an opportunity to see the baby as well. Otherwise they would have to come two times, once to meet the mother and attend the baby shower function and then again revisit to meet the baby after their birth. Babies tend to love decorations that are brightly colored and you should keep this in mind when purchasing.

Have you ever though about giving decorations that are practical and help the parents along with the baby as well. How about some growth charts which the parents can use to keep track of their baby's growth? This chart is available in most stores that stock baby accessories. There are special lighting fixtures available that are just perfect for newborns. The room where the baby resides needs to be illuminated throughout the night so as to observe them during the course of the night.

These lights should be bright enough to illuminate the room and at the same time they should not be harsh enough to disturb the baby's sleep. There are some electronic equipment that notify the parents when the baby has wet his bed. This is a practical gift and will be appreciated by the parents. You can be rest assured that the baby will appreciate it too, and you can make that out by the gurgling sounds they make. Don't be silly and expect them to say `thanks'. They want to convey their thanks to you but cannot speak with you in your language.

There are countless other gifts that you can give to the baby and these depend on your selection and choice. The list is endless. The basic thing is that you should provide them with a gift that is useful both to them and also helps their parents. How about a small nameplate made out of wooden carvings that contains the baby's name? Just remember that the correct gift can change the mood of the baby's room. Gift something that will be cherished by one and all and ensures that each and every time someone sees that gift, they appreciate it.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Picking Out a Baby High Chair

One of the most important things you will purchase for that new baby in the house is a baby high chair. This used to be a simple matter of going to the store and buying the one style they had there. Remember the wooden ones with just a lap belt and those hard to manage sliding trays? Anybody over about 40 years old will recall those.

But time has marched on and child safety has been a focus for many years. This has resulted in a lot of improvements over the years. That has left many parents with the question of which high chair to buy. So here are some things to look for in your new baby high chair.

Most baby items are inspected prior to being sold to the public. Look for a label from an organization called the "Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association". This lets you know that the chair has been certified by the experts.

Baby high chairs should have a wide leg base for stability. The wider the legs are apart, the more stable the chair will be. Also look at what the legs are made of. Solid plastic, metal or wood are best as they will not fold or bend easily. Hollow materials are not as sturdy.

The chair you decide on should have a three point or five point restraint system for the baby. A simple lap belt is not the way to go. May be easy for you, but your child could possibly slip under the belt, out of the chair and get caught by the belt. This could cause a strangulation hazard. The 3 or 5 point restraints will not allow that to happen and are standard across the industry in quality baby high chairs.

Many parents wonder when their child is going to be ready for a high chair. The general answer is roughly around the age of six months, when they are ready for solid food, but a good chair can be used before that if you want a place for your child at the table. Look for a chair with a reclining back because it will let your younger infant sleep comfortably. It keeps your baby in a position that stops his head from falling forward.

Seat cushions are available in all models of high chairs. Some kids may like a hard seat; others may prefer a soft one. Depends on the child, so the best way to pick the right one is to take the baby with you to the store and put him/her in the chair, then judge their reaction. This is almost foolproof.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby Shower Invitations For Couples

Baby showers used to be thought of as parties for Mommies, ladies and girlfriends. These days that seems to be changing. More and more the husbands, fathers and guy friends are getting in on the act. Every loves a baby and why shouldn't everyone be allowed to celebrate at the baby shower. It's easy to include both parents with clever baby shower invitations and party ideas.

Baby shower for Mom and Dad
Traditionally, the baby shower has just been for Mom, but why not get Dad involved, too. Send baby shower invitations not only to couples, but to Dad's friends and get them in on the act. Why not encourage them to bring a gift that Dad will like too? It's not just Mom having a baby, they will both be adding to the family, the baby shower should celebrate both Mom and Dad.

Beyond baby games
Not all of the guys are interested in opening baby gifts, so plan something with a wider appeal. While Mommy is opening gifts, plan a poker tournament for example. Anyone - boy or girl - who is interested can enjoy a game of cards and when it's over you can donate the proceeds to the new Mom and Dad fund. Or invite Moms and Dads to give their best parenting advice. Lots of Dads have great advice, just ask. Another fun idea is a baby pool in the style of a football pool. Sell squares based on birth date and baby weight. The winner could get a big windfall, or donate the money to the new kid in town. Or skip the games all-together and just invite everyone to mingle and catch up. This might be the last time you see the expectant parents for a bit as they settle in with a new baby.

Themed baby shower
Let's face it, Dads and even some Moms might not be that interested in the traditional baby shower themes and. Consider tailoring your baby shower invitations and party to something everyone will enjoy. Why not have a baby shower barbeque? Or try a Hawaiian-theme with interesting accents and menu. If you're expecting a boy, plan a sports theme. It might seem cliché, but most guys love sports and this will get them involved and engaged. If you're expecting twins why not go all out with a ‘twins' theme baby shower invitations asking your guests to come dressed as their favorite ‘pairs.' Baby can be the focus, but your can still has fun with the theme.

World's Best Dad
Times are changing and most Dads are almost as involved and Mom when it comes to baby. Why not host a ‘World's Best Dad' shower. Send baby shower invitations with Dad as the focus. Invitations can be sent to couples and include Dad's friends - anyone who would have a fun gift and great advice for the new Dad. While it's important to recognize both parents, just this once, Dad might need a little extra attention.

Make room ladies, its time we include the guys in this tradition. Adding dad, grandpa, uncles and other Dad friends can be fun for all involved. Think of ideas that will get everyone involved and you'll have a unique and memorable baby shower.

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Thinking Of Buying A Baby Stroller?

When buying a baby stroller.....
The very first thing you should consider when buying a baby stroller, is safety. The safety of your baby is the most important, NOT the price, the model, the looks, the brand. When it becomes time to buy a baby stroller, you must keep in mind that your baby must be transported in safety. The safety features of the stroller are paramount and non negotiable. And how do you make sure that they are good enough? Well, check for them in the description of the stroller, the specifications, and the reports you can find. If possible, take the stroller for a "test drive" - preferably without the baby.

Safe baby strollers are sturdy baby strollers. If the stroller seems to be top-heavy, remove it from your list of options. If it handles well, meaning that it does not tip over when you change direction, consider it. Check its manoeuvrability in tight spaces. Check the stability when it moves, and check for a proper braking device when you leave it standing on its own.

It must also be comfortable for you to push. The handles must be at a comfortable height for your length, and preferably adjustable as well. If you are not comfortable while you take your baby out, the outing can become tedious for you.

The harness for the baby is much safer if it is a five-point harness, because the three-pointed harness just leaves too much room for things to go wrong. And, at the risk of repeating myself, safety comes first. Check out the baby strollers at Baby Be Mobile if you are serious about safety at a good price.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Boy Clip Art to liven up your Baby Shower Cards

Loads of baby boy clip art images are available, once you click your computer's mouse and get connected to the Internet. First, you must know what clip art is all about. Clip art is about copying / cutting the pre-existing images. Yes, these images are already mostly in the books that have made their entry into the public domain for that purpose.

You can have your feast of logos, mascots, identity and business cards, invitations, letterheads. In addition, there are no hassles of license terms. The electronic clip art available on the Internet is an extension of this clip-art concept. These images are digitized drawings on low resolution used for decorating Invitations and E-greetings.

Clipart, including Baby Boy Clip art, are meant for defining digitized drawings and not photography. There are many files in many shapes, sizes and formats. Some of the most widespread formats are PICT, Paint, GIF, TIFF, EPS and JPEG. If you are unsure which format to use, just use PICT. This format is compatible with most programs, and can also adjust to another format type easily.

Standard clipart is usually not a very detailed drawing. Mostly they are images that have little detail or are outline drawings. The standard clipart is for use on the web for in documents.

Baby boy clip art is the most wonderful way of splashing your work with images that you think can do the magic. It is also the cheapest and the most colorful way of doing so. Most of the clipart you will find will be free printable clip art.

If you want to make your own baby shower clip art, software is available for just that purpose. Most software is easy to use, and can convert your pictures/snapshots into clipart quickly.

There is a huge collection of free baby shower clip art images and free baby clipart images available on the internet. These will be very usful for your baby shower invitations, thank you notes or baby announcements. You are bound to find baby boy clipart to you liking on the internet for your baby shower needs. This gives you the choice of making your own invitations versus purchasing ready-made invitations or other baby shower cards.

With baby shower clipart you don't need any special artistic skills for you to make your own beautiful baby shower cards. Not all websites provide baby clipart for free, but many do. If you want more detailed clipart you might opt to purchase clipart. But with so much free baby clip art available, you really don't need to purchase unless you really want a particular design.

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Baby Shower Favor Ideas

With so many different aspects of a shower to plan, coming up with a baby shower favor idea is often the last consideration on a long list of planning.

There are several unique, exciting and interesting baby shower favor ideas that will work well for almost any shower. Whether traditional or alternative in nature, the following are popular baby shower favor ideas:

Bath and Body Items
Gift Certificates
Gift Baskets
Designer Candles
Baby Bottles with Candy

No matter what baby shower favor idea you come up with, keep in mind that the majority of your guests are coming with one intention in mind, and that is to spoil and entertain the mom to be. Some important considerations when planning a shower include the food items, cake and games that will be played by visitors.

The mom to be or any friends of the family is likely to take an active interest in your planning efforts. If you are uncertain what favors might be well received, go over the guest list with your mom-to-be and try to get a feel for the personality of the ladies attending. You might find for example that a large majority of the moms that will be attending have children of their own. If this is the case don't hesitate to include helpful childcare or baby items that any mom would be appreciative of.

Some baby shower favor ideas are generated from the party theme itself. For example, if the motif of a shower is a color, such as green, you might consider acquiring some melon, lime or pear flavored hand soaps and lotions (that will of course, be green in color). You might even consider some "gag" gift items as party favors including stickers (which are sure to be well received from the children of guests).

Planning a baby shower requires an investment in time and energy. There is no reason to spend the majority of your planning time attempting to find appropriate party favors. There is a vast selection of products available, and ideas are easily discovered when one takes a moment to consider the shower theme, guests and mom-to-be's expectations.

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